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Contact us

You can contact us in many ways. The simplest is using a web based form to send an email to us (click on the email address below) or just emailing us. You can also contact us by phone, or irc, twitter, SMS, or via usenet news. Email uses a ticketing system so you get a response email automatically and the conversation is logged. Please ensure you include the reference in the subject when replying to ensure we can track your enquiry.

We endorse digital security and are happy to receive PGP encrypted emails. We also sign electronic documents that we email using PGP. Please see our PGP keys for more details.

Contact numbers

Sales 033 33 400 222
01344 400222
Accounts 033 33 400 666
01344 400666
Support 033 33 400 999
01344 400999

Press office

Our press office can be contacted at and 01344 400888 (do not send spam, see below)

IRC - real time chat

You can use irc to talk to Staff and customers online. See our irc page for more details

Twitter, Facebook and RSS Feeds

We have twitter and Facebook pages. We also have a rss feed of our incidents page.


If you have comments on the web pages or suggestions for improvements or new knowledge base pages, please email webmaster@aa.net.uk

Postal address

Andrews & Arnold Ltd
Enterprise Court
Downmill Road
RG12 1QS

map pinMAP

If you need to contact us out of office hours we suggest email or irc as staff monitor email and irc on an informal basis evenings and weekends. Note that we record calls.

Ideas and Suggestions

We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers. We have a separate website where you can suggest ideas regarding our products and services. You can also comment on other ideas that are there. For more information please visit our Ideas site.

Strange numbers

0333340 and 0555540 numbers are not premium rate or revenue making numbers. 055 are corporate numbers belonging to Andrews & Arnold Ltd. 03 are new UK wide numbers. You should be able to call them from any line, but if you have problems please do let us know, and you can call Bracknell (01344) followed by the last 6 digits for any of our numbers. OFCOM dictate that UK wide 03 numbers must be charged at the same price and included in the same call packages as 01 and 02 numbers.


We publish SIP URIs as well as phone numbers. If you have a SIP device that supports SRV records and a-law, that should work as a means to call us. Using a SIP URI would typically have no additional cost or call billing record from a telco (you may pay for Internet traffic usage). We believe it also bypasses the requirements for logging under the Data Retention Directive. It is not, however, encrypted.

Unsolicited marketing

Do not send any unsolicited marketing (spam/UCE) to any of our contacts. We have a policy of not buying from spammers, but it is also unlawful. We also charge a £50 handling fee. All numbers, including the SIP URIs are listed in the corporate TPS.

Knowledge Base

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