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Broadband free router

If you connect a new broadband service on our units based tariffs then you can select a free router with the service. The exact make of router may vary from time to time. The router we supply is pre-configured ready to simply plug in. We test routers carefully to confirm they will work without NAT as a real IP router and that they work well on ADSL2+ lines. Our free routers are IPv6 enabled and an IPv6 assignment is standard with all orders.

Units based tariffsThis relates to our units based tariff, not Home/Office::1. Home::1 lines can order a router as part of the install. Office::1 includes modems and FireBrick as part of the service rental.

Terms relating to your free router.

  • You must request the router at the time of order as part of the order process. You may be offered a choice of router, and it is up to you to choose the one you would like. You can choose to buy a router instead. You can only have one router per line.
  • If we don't have stock of the selected router we may offer you an alternative.
  • Postage is charged at cost, though you can arrange to collect the router instead if you are local to our offices.
  • A router is supplied when connecting new broadband service. Customers migrating to us are expected to have a router already. In some cases we may offer a free router when taking a 12 month contract such as FTTC even for migration or regrades.
  • The router is our property and is provided on loan for use with the associated service.
  • If the router breaks (not because of abuse) while we are providing it on loan we will replace it free, but the replacement may not be new or the same model. You will need to pay postage on the replacement.
  • If you move the service to a new address we can usually retain the same login and IP addresses and you can take the router with you.
  • If you terminate service you need to return our router to us at your cost, or pay the purchase price of the router if you wish to keep it.
  • Normally after 12 months service we will give you the router free of charge. We will email you to confirm this, and stop listing the free loan router on your invoice. This means the router is no longer on loan and we are not longer providing a free router to you. Once we have given you the router it is yours and can keep the router if you later terminate the service.